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Please welcome our latest member of the fleet – bigger, newer, better –Symphony.

Symphony is a newborn, built in the winter 2020, waiting to take its first ever voyage through the Adriatic sea in summer of 2021 – she is both – the beauty and the beast.


Luxurious design and new modern equipment combined with the perfect touch of great taste offers 18 spacious cabins holding up to 36 persons. Each cabin includes a private bathroom, a TV set, a safe deposit box, hairdryer and most importantly, it provides a clean and a safe environment.

It is important that the vessel is adjusted to one’s needs and wants – that is why 12 of the cabins are located in the lower deck of the ship, providing amore peaceful and quiet atmosphere, whereas the other 6 cabins find their place on the upper deck, each with a private balcony.

But besides the cabins, what passengers enjoy are the restaurant, the lounge area and the sundeck – all on board Symphony.

Top deck of the vessel is called a sundeck, and honestly it is the most visited and most enjoyed part of any mini-cruise ship. It offers a comfy sunbed foreach passenger, a hot tub and the perfect combination of chiaroscuro – sun and shade.

The beastly features of Symphony are the length of over 50 meters, width of 8 and height of 15. Aside from this, Symphony is not only impressive in size and appearance, but also in strength and comfort. The maximum speed that this beauty can reach is 20 knots, but regardless of that, the average sailing speed is around 8 knots, primarily because we strive to provide, above all, a safe and comfortable journey.

She is currently at stage 2 of the process – the core is ready and the vessel is waiting to be fully furnished and decorated. Final touches are to be made in spring of 2021 – stay tuned for more.

Symphony’s owners, a family from the town of Zadar, carefully handed her into Zantium’s safe hands, to love and to hold for the upcoming season. Zantium Travel plans on taking great care of her and even greater care for the safety and comfort of our passengers-to-be.

Join us.

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