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”Can you please tell me a little more about this main deck cabin?”

”Why does a main deck cabin cost more?”

”Do you suggest booking a main deck or a lower deck cabin?”

”Balcony deck? What do you mean?”

“Hello and welcome to I am going to explain the difference in cabin types onboard our cruisers.”


One of the most frequent questions I have come across is the question about the differences in cabin types and their price. As one can tell, all of the ships are very similar in size and in shape, therefor this can be applied to most of our soon-to-be passengers.
Let’s talk about the ”levels” (decks) of the ship – there are four decks located on every ship starting from the lower deck, moving up to the main deck, further is the upper deck and lastly the sun deck.

Every vessel will have a number of cabins located in the lower deck – these cabins are completley the same as any other cabin onboard in size and shape, storage etc. The only difference is the location of the cabin and the fact that the lower deck cabins do not have windows but portholes which can not be opened. Usually, there are much cooler and quieter in comparison to other cabins onboard. The downside to a cabin in the lower deck is the accessibility – there will always be a staircase leading to the lower deck and in that note, cabins in the main deck are reccomended for anyone with walking difficulties.

The rest of the cabins onboard are located usually on the main deck. The main deck is the entry level of the ship, a deck also known as ”the ground floor”. Not every ship has cabins located in the main deck. The reason for this is either the location of the restaurant or any other ”public” area onboard that could take up that much space. If you come across a ship with cabins on the main deck, have in mind that these are normal, reasonably sized cabins with a window instead of a porthole and they offer a view. All of the cabins on the main deck are located in side corridors which means that sometimes a little bit of noise is expected due to other people passing by or any outside noise.


Newer ships will often provide cabins in the upper deck, also know as the balcony deck. These are located one level above the main deck and one level below the sundeck. Each cabin located in this area has a private balcony. The cabins are again the same in size and in shape, but also provide a balcony. This means that people can open the doors and let fresh air in, but are harder to cool completley because of the sunlight and high temperatures during summer. One downside to having a balcony cabin actually depends on the way ships are moored in ports. But we will talk about mooring next time.

For the purpose of illustrating these different types of cabins I had to emphasize the differences and simillarities. I was very honest about the downsides, but only because those are inveitable – I hope all of you, our future guests, are aware of different types of situations that are likely to happen on bord. Have in mind that as much as we are a floating, travelling hotel, we are not at all a floating, travelling hotel. And that is why we are unique.

Anyhow, I hope I have made things a little bit more clear now.

Write to you soon,


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