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The only thing that’s better than spending your vacation on
an island – is spending it on a dozen different islands.

Nothing can prepare you for a pleasant surprise that is an 8-day cruise on one of our ships. And you shouldn’t prepare either, as the only thing you’re required to do is – relax and enjoy the ride. The first thing you’ll notice as you come on board is that each and every ship in the Zantium Travel fleet has a beautiful and spacious sun deck, a perfect chill spot equipped with beds where you can soak up the Sun. You may also want to explore the lounge area where you might enjoy a thrilling book, a dip in the jacuzzi or a cool drink under the shades. If you decide to retire for the day, our cabins come with all the amenities you would desire on journey such as this, as they’re all equipped with private showers and washrooms, safe deposit boxes, TVs and chilled-to-perfection rooms, courtesy of our air conditioners. Choose between Luxury and Deluxe cruise ships, as our options provide a variety of accommodation experiences.

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