Climate and weather at the Adriatic

Thinking about cruising the Adriatic but wondering if the Adriatic Sea is warm? How’s the weather like there? Will there be big waves that swing the boat like a cradle?   Good food, beaches, the sea, and radiantly beautiful weather – a typical holiday on the Adriatic Sea! Indeed, the climate of the Adriatic feels quite Mediterranean: mild winters and warm dry summers guarantee a perfect beach holiday. The average summer temperatures range from 26 to 30 degrees and water temperatures are almost 26 degrees, which is equal to the conditions in a bathtub. However, the swimming season lasts only from mid or late May to mid/late September and is therefore relatively short.   In Croatia, the most common winds are bura (the bora) and sirocco. Bura is a cold, strong wind that blows throughout the year. It is more frequent and stronger in the winter, but it can happen in summer as well, and sailors should always head to warnings of upcoming bura. It starts at the feet of high mountain ranges near the sea, which send it swooping down to the sea. The strong air passes through cuttings and funnels and hits the ground or the surface of the sea, creating waves. The other main wind is called Sirocco, or Jugo. It brings humid and warm air, often carrying sand from Sahara. As the warm air passes through the Mediterranean it collects moisture. When the air is forced upwards over the island hills and coastal mountains, it brings rain or rain dust. This wind may create challenging sailing conditions. It is more frequent and stronger in the winter.   Because of the air and water temperatures, the summer months from June to early September are ideal for a beach holiday at the Adriatic, so join us on a journey that will linger in your memory like a gentle Adriatic breeze.


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