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What are my booking options?

There are two options when it comes to booking a cruise.

First option is to book a cabin. Cabins are made for two people, but single supplement is an option as well. When booking a cabin you will be on a ship with other people who similarly to you booked cabin for themselves as well. It is a good opportunity to meet new people of different age groups and backgrounds.

Second option is to book a whole vessel for your group, which is known as a charter.

A private yacht charter cruise involves renting, or chartering, a yacht for private use, usually a vacation, and setting sail for coastal destinations and islands. At Zantium Travel, we offer a range of well-equipped, luxury yachts to charter for your perfect Croatian Cruise. Charters are a great option if you have large family or a group of friends which you want to share a week on the sea with. Take a look at the Zantium fleet and start planning your private charter cruise.



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