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How many Croatian islands are there?

You can often hear how Croatia is “land of 1000 islands”. Officially, Croatian coast has 1244 natural formations separated into 78 islands, 524 islets and 642 rocks and reefs.

This great number of natural formations historically made eastern part of Adriatic sea very important route for the ships. Reason is, it offered many possible docking locations, and calmer sea for the voyage. As it was very popular route for ships, eastern part of the Adriatic had quite rich history, with extravagant merchant vessels, piracy, ship battles and brutal politics influencing both islands and islanders. 

Croatians live on 49 islands, but all of them together with the mainland grant great cruising experience with beautiful views and places to explore.

Biggest islands are Cres and Krk, each one slightly above 400 square kilometers, while the smallest one is Smokvica Vela which is only about 1 square kilometer. 

Tallest island is Brač, with its peak Vidova Gora being almost 800 meters tall, making it the tallest island on the Adriatic.

Croatian Islands are quite diverse, some being completely without any vegetation, while other’s have mystical green forests.

Some islands are better for parties, while other’s are better for relaxation or exploring the nature.

All in all, Croatian islands have a lot to offer!

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