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Is Split worth visiting?

Split is a lively city that is also called the “Center of Dalmatia”. Statistically also known as the “sportiest city in the world” because of the number of different medals won on different big competitions and events by athletes born in Split.

Local people like to call it “The craziest city in the world” because of the specific mentality of the locals. That mentality would be very temperamental character followed with calm moments in afternoon hours where they practice something called “fjaka”(fya-ka). Fjaka is defined as a post lunch afternoon snooze, somewhat comparable to “Siesta”.

Biggest attraction of Split is Diocletian’s palace from 4th century that is also protected by UNESCO but Split offers much more being the second largest city in Croatia: plenty of restaurants, night life, beaches, museums…

All of this makes Split attractive destination and proof that number of tourists, that come here and whose number is increasing every year, have very good reason to do so.

So, is it worth visiting Split?

There is only one answer:100% YES!

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