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Is it better to visit Split or Dubrovnik?

Croatia is a diverse destination offering something for everyone, from swimming in crystal clear Adriatic sea to mountain hiking. This diversity comes from specific geographic features of the country, as Croatia has many different climates.

Long and divided coastline, mild climate, clear sea, well preserved nature and general safety are advantages of Croatia compared to many other vacation destinations.

Dubrovnik is a perfect city for exploring, discovering its rich history through landmarks and immersing yourself in its walls. It is known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Surrounded with walls of approximately 2 kilometers long, that are the biggest attraction, and quite impressive on their own, as they are very well preserved. It is also a town which has clubs that are known worldwide.

Split is likewise rich in history, great for exploring and you have opportunity to walk the streets that used to be private palace of a powerful Roman emperor Diocletian. Split also offers exciting nightlife, as Old Town offers countless bars and clubs and you can seamlessly walk peacefully by the promenade and enter exciting nightlife in the next moment.

Split and Dubrovnik both have some similarities as they are both centers of their county, and have long and rich history. Split is known as center of Dalmatia, and is a second largest city in Croatia, while Dubrovnik is smaller but more popular with tourists because of its long tradition.

But if you choose an Adriatic Discovery cruise with Zantium travel, you will have opportunity to experience them both!

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