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Is it better to visit Zagreb or Split?

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, and while it doesn’t have as rich history as Split, it still offers a lot due to it’s many museums, parks and charm and architecture similar to Budapest and Vienna. During the times of Austro-Hungarian empire, Croatia was third entity and Zagreb followed in their architectural design, which leads to today’s similarities of three cities. 

If you want to see differences between the North and the South of Croatia, Split is a great example of a southern city and culture. Split is a great city to explore, with rich history dating all the way back to 3rd century, culture and exciting nightlife. It is second biggest city after Zagreb, and is considered to be center of Dalmatia. In a way, you could say Split is the Capital of Croatia during the summertime, because it is well connected with other destinations and is an administrative hub of the region.

In short, Zagreb is great city if you are more interested in Central European type of city, and Split is better if you are more interested in a Mediterranean city.

You can experience both if you choose our Land Tour starting either in Zagreb or Split, and finishing in the other. On the way you can also explore Plitvice lakes, best known wonder of Croatia and Istria, wonderful Croatian region known for its wine, olive oil and truffle gastronomy.

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