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Which Croatian Islands are worth exploring?

Zantium Luxury Croatia cruises visit the best Croatian islands and promise a vacation of sun, sea, extraordinary views and authentic food. On our 8-day Croatia cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to explore wonderful town of Korčula on the island of Korčula, visit the stunning Stari Grad Plain on Hvar island, experience lush National Park Mljet and explore the quaint town on the island of Vis.

Each Island has something different to offer depending on your preferances.

For example, Korčula is great for leisure walk and sightseeing, and having dinner on a promenade with a great view.

Hvar on the other hand is, among other things, great for nightlife and partying. 

Mljet is oasis of peace, known as the green island, it is THE destination for nature lovers.

Vis and Brač are islands if you wish to experience authentic lifestyle of Croatian islanders with many beaches, Zlatni Rat on island of Brač being the most famous one.

Kornati islands are, similarly to Mljet, a national park, but are also known as popular scuba diving destination.

In short, there is something for everyone! Thousand islands for thousands of opportunities you have for choosing Croatia for your vacation destination.

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