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Is Marco Polo from Korčula?

Marco Polo was most likely born in town of Korčula on the island of Korčula. He was famous Venetian explorer, as Korčula at the time belonged to Venetian Republic.

Many historians today dispute over his place of birth and some claim he was born in Venice while others claim he was born in Korčula.

Another topic of debate is if his family is Venetian/Italian or Croatian. As he is most often mentioned as Marco Polo, it seems that name leads to Venetian origin. However, many Croatians under Venetian rule had their names changed from slavic names to latin or venetian ones.

Whatever the case, it is most likely that Marco Polo, known as most famous son of Korčula, came from Korčula as most evidence points to it.

Korčula is Croatian town of deep historical connection to Venice, and as hometown of Marco Polo offers more insights into this fascinating historical figure.


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