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Is National Park Mljet worth visiting?

If you are a nature lover then Mljet is a place for you.

Being one, out of eight Croatian national parks, NP Mljet provides untouched forests of holm oak and Aleppo pine together with typical Mediterranean vegetation. All of that is enriched with two salty “lakes”, a Great and a Small Lake.

Temperatures inside the lakes are always 2 to 3 degrees higher than in the sea which makes it very pleasant to swim in.

On the Great Lake you can find St. Mary Island where you can see Benedictine monastery from the 12th century.

To get to the monastery you can take solar powered boat, which sails frequently during season, from a place called Small bridge, which is where those two lakes are connected, or you can rent a kayak and row away to the island.

There are also trails there for those that like cycling or if you are a fan of hiking “Montokuc”, which is the highest point on the island, is a place for you.

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