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What is Vis known for?

When ancient Greeks started to colonize this south-east part of the Adriatic Sea, first colony founded by them was ancient “Issa” or todays’ Vis.

Because of its strategical position, recognized by those Greeks in 4th century BC, during long and turbulent history Vis was changing its rulers. It changed hands from Greeks, Romans, Venetians, Austro- Hungarians, French, English, Italians, and finally by the former Yugoslavia. During almost half of century of communist Yugoslavia rule, Vis was a military island completely closed-off for the tourists.

What testifies to its military history are many tunnels, fortifications, and even a small airport built by UK (which is not used anymore).

Today a group of enthusiastic locals is organizing tours that drive you around the island and show you all the highlights of the island.

Komiža is also one of the settlements on the island, little fishermen town that became known as filming location of Mama Mia! Here we go Again, movie from 2018.

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