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Where is the cruise port in Split?

The Port of Split is located on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. It is currently the largest passenger port on the Adriatic sea and a transport hub. This port has a feature which is both advantage and disadvantage of this port: Main port, main bus terminal, train station and city’s Center all are close by.

Obvious advantage is how you don’t have to travel far if you wish to get to either city center, or your next way of travel, if you are mixing ships, boats, trains, buses or planes (bus terminal has shuttlebus which goes to airport on schedule, and plenty of taxis).

Disadvantage, however, is that all this creates traffic jams, which are most pronounced during summertime, so you would be advised to equip yourself with patience when travelling in Split.

If you choose Adriatic Discovery cruise, your 8-day with Zantium Travel will either begin or end at the Port of Split.

Ships usually berth at the dock called “Gat Sv. Petra” or “St. Peter pier” that is located mere 10 minute walk from the center of the City.

Because of it closeness to the City’s Center, where majority of Split’s highlights are, it is practical to just take a walk there but port is also accessible with cars, taxis and buses.

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